FASHION WRIST WATCHES : why and how you need to get yourself one

Trendy tech blogs claim that portable software will soon make the wrist watches be shoved to the back of the drawer. Nothing could be farther from the truth. An intrinsic part of men’s attire, the timepieces evolve, become more democratic and more versatile, but they will never sink into oblivion. Wrist watches cater for two important men’s needs: competitiveness and practicality. Firstly, it is cool to wear a watch: a fashionable one sets you out, it draws attention to your hand, and adds a final touch to the look. Secondly, it is functional to have a timepiece on the wrist: in the professional world, constant messing around with a smartphone could be considered childish and improper.

Although still maintaining their primary function, that is keeping time, watches have now transitioned to fashionable accessories. And as any trendy complement, modern wrist wear is designed for daily use, it’s pragmatic and ironic, it’s easy to combine, and it won’t break the bank. Since there is a world of choices out there, here is a brief guide as to how to make a smart purchase.

1 “Remember that time is money”

This Benjamin Franklin’s tip in Advice to a Young Tradesman” is anything but passé. In these hectic times, being late can cost you a desired job place you have applied for, a deal that has been snatched from under your nose by a more punctual competitor and, overall, your reputation. It’s vital to keep track of time, and a wrist watch is the most reliable device. Admittedly, nowadays your laptop, your tablet, even your microwave shows the time, but only the discreet accessory on your wrist will allow you to give a glance at the display quickly and without being noticed.

As the watches are high precision tools, accuracy is the keyword. The quartz watches can be trusted to show the exact time and ensure the maximum reliability - they don’t need charging like smartwatches or winding like their mechanical counterparts. Moreover, these are few modern devices that have no software, which means no glitches or bugs. A chronograph is the best option for those who know the value of every minute. When choosing a good timepiece, it is equally important to pay attention to the readability of the face: it should be quite big, preferably, in contrast colors with well-discernible hands.


2 Good value for money

In the age of dynamic “get-up-and-go” guys, a status watch has been losing its chic. For our dads’ generation, a Patek was seen as a “trophy”, crowning their 40-year careers, often in the same company. Nowadays, more and more young people would consider a choice of such a watch a bit ostentatious. As a matter of fact, many whizz-kids making millions in high-tech empires of Silicon Valley wear humble watches or funky mid-priced pieces.

Smart gents impress with their good taste, wit and personality rather than with a five-figure sum on their wrist. What's more, a luxurious watch often looks incongruous unless you are wearing an equally imposing outfit. Still worse, there’s nothing more abhorrent than showing off a fake Rolex. If your budget doesn’t stretch to buying a costly watch, don’t ruin your image with replicas but turn to fashionable and affordable options.

Middle end watch market is more open to new trends and materials and at the same time remains true to the aesthetic and quality standards of watchmaking. For those who prefer the refinement of classic design, there are plenty of horological solutions that are classy and tasteful and don’t necessarily come with a jaw-dropping tag.

3 Elegance lies in simplicity

In the ideal world of fashion magazines, people are expected to own a watch for every life situation, in reality, an average man can count from two to five pieces in his possession. That’s why versatility and universality come to the foreground. What we need today is the basic. The most fail-safe choice is minimalistic design, simplicity itself. Neat look is perfect for both casual and professional wear. In this case, preference should be given to the primary, easily matchable colors: an ivory, white or black face will pair with every outfit.

One of the most in-trends nowadays is sharing accessories with your GF. In fact, many modern watches are unisex thanks to the use of a quite narrow strap, a middle-size face and light colors of the case such as silver or rose gold.

They look fashionable and youthful on both a gent’s or a lady’s wrist, however, men should steer clear of glittering elements and jewels. The powerful tantalizing effect of unisex style lies in clean and essential design.

Buying several straps, you can play up your wrist piece (with genuine leather of elegant hues and patterns) or dress it down (with napo straps of fresh color combinations and funky patterns). To sum up, mid-price range offers a variety of durable and stylish watches, worthy of attention of design-conscious gentlemen.