Gent's guide of daily and emergency shoe care

How to take care of your gentleman shoes

A pair of good shoes is part and parcel of an impeccable outfit. Purchasing high-end shoes involves a considerable investment, but it will undoubtedly return – durability of this pair may exceed a decade. When it comes to shoes, cheap is always nasty. Reputable manufacturers are notable for high-quality leather, thorough and strong seams, and a perfect shape. Naturally enough, it all makes part of a massive price tag. For any proud owner of expensive shoes, it stands to reason that they need attention and care, with a little effort and some extra money for their maintenance, you can make your pair last longer.


  1. Keep them clean

Dirt and dust ruin the shoes. Wipe the dust off with a damp sponge or a cloth; remove the dirt with a brush. Use specialised products, like soap, for your particular type of leather. To remove salt stains, gently apply on the stain a wad wetted in water and vinegar.
As for suede, the tools are essential. First, rub the blemishes with a special eraser, and then restore the color with a suede brush.
From time to time, clean the welt with a special brush (if you don’t have any, you can use a simple old toothbrush) to remove the dirt out of the seams.
  1. Take care of their shape

Get into a habit of using a shoetree each time you take off your shoes. It will help your favourite pair to maintain its form. There are plenty of choices available for sale, but experts’ preferences unanimously agree on the cedar shoetrees. This material absorbs the sweat and odours and lets the shoe keep its original form.
  1. Dry them correctly

If you wore shoes in a rainy weather, give them time to dry. Never put them near heating or under the sun, it’ll damage the leather forever. Stuff the shoes with tissues or crumpled paper and before they dry completely, insert a cedar shoetree to draw the moisture out of the leather in order to prevent it from shrinking and deforming.
  1. Polish them regularly

Street dust can make even a pricey pair look dull. In order to restore the color of the leather and give it a high lustre, polish your shoes with a special brush (better if made of horsehair). Remember to do the polishing work after you carefully cleaned and dried the shoes.
Bear in mind that the polish can stain the welt. If you have a protective edge dressing, apply it first and let it dry.
Rub the shoe polish into the leather. You can choose between a cream polish (it moisturizes well) and a wax polish (gives a glossy shine). When the polish dries, vigorously smooth the leather with a cotton or linen cloth for extra glitter.
  1. Don’t overuse them

If you wear the same pair of shoes more than two day in a row, they can become smelly. Cedar shoetrees, deodorants and a frequent change of socks will help your shoes remain fresh for longer time. In addition, get the insoles changed once in a while.
  1. Repair them timely

Find a reliable cobbler. Check your soles and heels regularly, and as soon as they start wearing out, immediately head to the repair shop. It might prolong the life of your pair by more than five years.