How to dress dapper and come to the top. The definitive guide

What is a dapper style?

What a relief that the times of laid-back sporty-cut or subculture’s outfits are over, since nothing compares to a neat dapper charm of suited men! Immaculate look, which has been an infallible secret weapon of classy men like Colin Firth, now has filtered into the city streets and cocktail lounges. Today, dapper is the most in-trend style of all those who know that appearance does matter. A well-dressed guy exudes trust, respect and success, not to mention that a perfectly fitting suit works as a real head-turner for most women.

Of course, being dapper is not all about wearing a waistcoat and oxford shoes; it is a vision of your style that encompasses not only well-matched clothes but also a refined taste and polished manners of a truly confident man.

However, coming to grips with the art of being a gentleman starts in the wardrobe.

Pulling off a dapper ensemble

Certainly, it always pays off to invest in a good suit. However, even a mid-priced garment can give a sartorial-looking impression as long as the details are taken care of.

In fact, the following guidelines count not only for suits but, overall, also for choice of upper and lower body. The modern vintage enthusiast will pair cropped pants or rolled-up jeans with dressy patterned blazers of the most “in” fabric designs today such as twill, checked, herringbone, striped and pinstriped.

A classy touch to enrich the outfit is to add a never-failing waistcoat, so worshipped by all modern dandies, and a trim lapel accessory.

The cut is of paramount importance: dapper clothes should fit perfectly, contouring to the figure without clinging too much to the body. No loose jackets and pants - this youthful and modern style suggests slight tapering along the full length of the outfit aiming to elongate and slenderise the physique. An urban dapper wears narrowed- or regular-cut pants, which only look manly when they are snug but not overly-slim! The rule dictates less width for the lapels as well as the sleeves.

Another detail that has changed over the recent years is length of the pants: we now show most of the shoe and a bit of the sock, no sock+loafers variant goes a long way, too.

In dapper outfits, the pocket are worth special attention: ticket pockets, flap pockets and a posh breast pocket greatly smarten the overall effect of the ensemble. A real in-trend gent should welcome a pocket square in his everyday life attire, learning various folds from classic square or one-tip up to relaxed puff fold or a sophisticated and accented flower color.

Upgrading with accessories

Any man with a real fashion sense knows how crucial neckwear and headwear are in shaping his neat and spruce style.

A gentleman will never dismiss a necktie and will always make sure it doesn’t clash with the rest of the outfit. Again, the mathematics of style is simple: subtraction prevails over addition, which means that narrower lapels require narrower ties. To keep it proportional, a 3 or 4 cm tie (4-5 cm for knitted ties) is just what the fashion dictates in this case. As for patterns, classic dots, herringbone, tartan or pinstriped designs – they predominate over playful graphics, whereas there are no rules for color schemes as long as it all looks smart.

The bow tie has always been an essential dapper concept. Thanks to its elegant shape, it completes trim ensembles and day-to-day work outfits. In other words, it is a natural companion of crisp collar shirts and waistcoats as well as a perfect match for casual cotton or tweed blazers. A fail-safe choice, in a nutshell.

It is important to bear in mind, however, that this style suggests finesse and polish, thus the patterned bow tie can only be matched with basic and plain color pieces. In any rate, a fancy design combo of bow tie + pocket square looks spectacularly dapper!

In chilly weather, coats and jackets are unconceivable without matching hats. Fedoras add a lot of masculinity and sophistication to the look making it more cohesive, so thumbs up! The best way to pull off a fedora is to play on contrast. If you chose it with modern features, such as studs or ribbons of fanciful colors, it can play down a dressy attire; on the other hand, if you go for a hat made in the range of traditional materials and hues, it can handsomely enhance a casual outfit. One of the best combos that makes a big hit is fedora + blazer + scarf look.

“Supporting” details

Men's Suspenders is another iconic fashion treat which brings along this gents’ style. When moneyed men in movies take off their suit jackets, there is always a pair of braces attached to their pants. The stylists use them to create an expensive and powerful image.

Classic black and brown braces paired with tweed or plaid pieces are sure to impress. They add a big classy vintage and personal identity to a dressy outfit.

The best thing about this stylish accessory is that it can elevate and refine even a less polished look. Plain, bi-and three-colored or patterned, braces are always sought after by really dapper men who team them up with denim, checked or colored pants. The ability to blend a slick style with a street twist is the hallmark of all well-dressed men.

Dressing your feet

A Mr. Dapper’s take on fashion nods to Brogues, Oxford and loafers. A striking dandy-ish combo to tick off is tan leather brogue boots teamed up with blue wash denims. For risk takers lace-up shoes with colored laces are definitely to be tried out.

One more insight into the current fashion: funky socks will rock the cool British aesthetics. A cheerful collection of socks in rainbow colors and with mischievous patterns will help you to make your mark.

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