10 Bits of Advice To Becoming a True Gentlemen in 2015

A true gent may respect everyone around him, he may have his own unique style, such as wearing braces, and is able to find clothes that look elegant with these men’s braces. Needless to say, everyone could do with a few pointers in the modern world.


Be Presentable

This isn’t to say that you have to conform and wear the same as everyone else, but if you wear braces and want to look elegant with these men’s braces, then ensure the rest of your outfit compliments the braces. As well as finding clothes that look elegant with these men’s braces, you need to ensure your hygiene is up to scratch. This includes you smell fresh and ensuring you are properly groomed.


 Be a True Gentleman: A Gentleman with a Pipe

Wear Clothes That Flatter

As well as finding clothes that look elegant, you need to ensure that they fit the frame of your body well. Well fitting clothes can instantly change someone’s perception of you.


Remember Your Manners

Equality is being promoted more than ever between sexes, but that doesn’t mean your chivalry shouldn’t be present. Ensure the clothes you’re wearing  look elegant and not spoiled by your lack of inner confidence and poor chivalry


Be Punctual

Although most can appreciate how long it can take to find shoes, braces and clothes that look elegant there is no excuse for being late. Of course, sometimes being late is unavoidable, but be sure to let the person know that you are held up.


Compliment People

When you’re taking the time to ensure that you have the right kind of braces and shoes that look elegant, you will no doubt be expecting a compliment, ensure that you are able to return the compliment. Be observant, be honest, be sincere.


Act Grown-Up

As previously mentioned, don’t follow the flock when it comes to your behaviour. Be bold and choose a strong colour that represents how you feel, then take no notice of people who mock you or the outfit you wear. You may be different, but this means you're also unique.


Watch Your Language

While it may be deemed manly to sear left, right and centre, it doesn’t really sit well with many people. When mixing with people, keep your language clean, it makes all the difference to how people perceive you.


Be a Good Decision Maker

Whether you are making that all important career decision, or picking the right kind of braces to wear to finish off that look people love men who can make a direct decision, don’t believe us? Read why a confident man achieves things and you can too. It shows a strong minded and both men and women tend to appreciatet his asset.


Return Favours

When someone does you a good turn, return the favour is when this person needs it. It makes you seem like a gentleman as well as making you feel good morally.


Clean Up After Yourself

Keeping a tidy office or a wardrobe in order speaks volumes about the person, in that they are organised, plus the habit will reward you in years to come. Not only will you be able to find that funky pair of pois braces you want to slip on for that next dinner date but you will be deemed as the perfect man to your future partner.