Top 5 Smartphone Apps For The Modern Gentleman

There is much debate when deciding on what makes a modern gentleman, is it the way he wears his hair, is it the style of men’s braces he wears or is it his table etiquette? Well, that debate could go on for some time. What we are sure of however, is that by having the right kind of gentleman apps installed on your smartphone, you’re ready to face the modern world every day, and these apps will work in partnership with your men’s braces, cologne and haircut to make you a modern gentleman.


The Sunrise Calendar

When you wake in the morning, snap on your men’s braces, brush your teeth and get ready to face the day, looking at your standard calendar could bring your mood down somewhat. It’s safe to say that a calendar serves a purpose, but there’s nothing wrong with them looking a bit more attractive to the eye. Luckily, the Sunrise Calendar can cater to such a request. This handsome app not only looks vibrant and bright, but it also syncs together events from apps such as Google Calender and Facebook.

 Gentlemen Phone Apps Are Not What They Used To Be


It’s easy to forget how much information we can easily forget throughout the day. You may have seen a new pair of men’s braces as you walk past a shop window or you may have seen an interesting webpage, but now you have time to read it, it can’t be found. Evernote is an app that can help you collate webpages, photos and notes into one convenient place. Ideal for the modern gentlemen who wants to take notes while out and about and to help him remember where he saw those stunning ggentleman accessories he wanted.



Whether they admit it or not, men like to show their dominance when it comes to barbecues. Off comes the business suit and those blood red men’s braces go on show, along with a witty apron of course. But to be able to impress the guests, men need to know how long different types of meat need to cook for. Luckily GrillTime helps the modern gentlemen not only find the correct time for cooking meat, but also the right temperature.


Cool Guy

Whether you’re looking for the latest ties, men’s braces or the latest accessories, the Cool Guy app allows gentlemen to create outfits as well as new looks that can be made from your existing suits, shoes and men’s braces. There is also a news section that fetches information from a number of different sources. This app will allow the modern gentleman stay abreast of all the latest trends from men’s braces, cashmere ties and handmade bow ties through a plethora of trendy accessories.



Of course, the modern gentleman can’t be browsing for all his favourite gentleman accessories, cooking meat or taking notes all the time, there comes a time when he needs to find his own space and unwind. And the ideal app for such a pastime is Oyster. Think of it as the Netflix of books, it may not have the latest and greatest titles, but it does have some interesting reads thanks to its unlimited supply of classics.


Evidently, there are many more apps out there that can help men find gents accessories, barbecue ideas and fashion news, but these stand out from the crowd as the gentleman apps to have installed on your smartphone. These apps make the perfect accompaniment to your men’s braces, shoes and suits to ensure you’re prepared for the busy day ahead.