The 10 Most Famous Gentlemen of All Time

They have graced movie screens and magazines for years. You may read stories about them, watch them in films and idolise them as fashion icons. So who are our 10 most famous gentlemen of all time, and what has led them to stay in our heads and our hearts for all these years?



1 David Beckham


When it comes to fashion, very few do it better than David Beckham. Although he is known as a world class footballer, he will be remembered as a style icon. Wowing his fans with sharp suits, cashmere ties and a flawless hair style, this gentleman certainly deserves the top spot!



2 Elvis Presley


One of the original trend setters, Elvis loved his fashion and how he was able to portray his mood and his character through his clothes. I’m sure we will never forget this infamous musician for his ability to entertain with is music and his style.



3 Idris Elba


His CV says actor, DJ, director and cover model and his clothes say cool and collected. Idris wears a suit like a second skin and his vibrant personality makes him shine. We couldn’t think of any one better to take the third gentleman spot on our list.



4 Justin Timberlake


Shooting to fame in the 90’s (but certainly not for his fashion sense) Justin Timberlake has grown in to one of the most stylish and smooth fashion icons of the 21st century. His tailored looks create a stunning overall effect, perfect for any occasion.



5 Bradley Cooper


A modern day icon, Bradley Cooper has a bright and sharp personality and the style to match. Looking equally as stylish in a jumper and jeans as a formal suit means that Mr Cooper easily makes it on to our cavalier list.



6 Cary Grant


A name that is synonymous with the ‘well-dressed’ man, Cary Grant would still turn heads today. Style had no time limit, and this guy is proof! Cary Grant believed that simplicity was the essence of good taste, and he portrayed that good taste throughout his life.



7 James Bond


OK, we know that James Bond is a fictional character, but every actor that has played him has certainly risen to fame. His smooth personality is perfectly matched to his smooth wardrobe and we feel that this makes him, and the characters who played him, style icons.



8 George Clooney


Here is a gentlemen who seems to improve with age. We’re sure that a combination of good genes and healthy living has a lot to do with it, but his refined and tailored style also helps. No one pulls-off a smart suit quite like George.



9 Prince William


The royal style is captured impeccably by Price William. Whether he is sporting his casual class or a more formal look he always appears crisp, clean and just what we expect of a modern day prince.



10 Morgan Freeman


Last, but by no means least we have Morgan ‘The Voice’ Freeman. Very rarely seen without his tie, Morgan Freeman really has figured out where he fits in fashion and wears his clothes as an extension of himself, highlighting his mood, personality and event. Making him an excellent addition to our gentleman list.


So there you have it, the 10 most famous gentlemen of all time, who would you add to this list?