What Makes a Stylish Gent’s Tie and Where to Find Them?

You can be pretty certain that if you want to walk into a room and make an impact, a men’s knit tie is going to be your ‘go-to’ accessory. Not only does a tie add a new level of style, sophistication, funk or whatever image you want to portray- it also finishes off an outfit impeccably.


You need to ask yourself - would you would rather be the one they remember or just another face in the crowd?


Choosing to wear a tie is the easy part; finding a style, design and fabric that suits the occasion is the hard part! But hey, that’s what we are here for!

So first things first…


Finding a Tie to Suit Your Event

You may already have an idea of the exact type of woven tie that you would like, or you may be at the other end of the scale and not even know what is out there. So let’s start with the occasion. Is it a formal wedding, a laid back celebration or a first date? The occasion is central to the style of tie you will need. Yes, you want to stand out – but make sure you stand out for the right reasons.


What to Wear, When

The Knitted TieA more casual and traditional style of tie, quickly making its way to the forefront of fashion and suitable for many informal and relaxed occasions. A knitted tie would be perfect for a date night, theatre trip or informal work event, creating a relaxed yet well put together outfit. When considering how to wear a knitted tie, look no further than the style of Justin Timberlake or Pharrell Williams for inspiration.


The Bold TieA bold tie is best worn with a suit. The tie needs to make most of the impact so the perfect occasion will be at work, a more formal date or the Christmas party. When you choose the design and the colour, think about what you want to say with your outfit and what will be appropriate. Paring a navy, black or grey suit with a single coloured tie will create a more formal effect than a patterned tie. Have a look at Rio Ferdinand’s formal style - his use of simple yet bold ties creates stunning outfit.


The Simple TieWearing a simple tie will not create a simple outfit if done right. Remember – simple does not mean boring! Choosing a high quality tie in a dark colour, such as this dark grey cashmere tie will finish off a formal suit perfectly and create a modern, stylish and smart outfit, perfect for a formal dinner or event. Starts such as Bradley Cooper and Tom Cruise do this effortlessly.


Finding Your Tie

The most important thing to remember when choosing where to buy your tie is the quality. Buy a high quality tie and you will certainly get the most for your money. Reputable online shops and specialist sellers such as Punk Monsieur will offer you a fantastic range of ties, which will leave you spoilt for choice and certain to find what you are looking for!


So if you have a special occasion coming up, or an event that is leaving you struggling to find the perfect outfit just remember to accessorise with a stylish gent’s tie and you will be the talk of the town.