5 Perfect Places to Wear a Handmade Bow Tie

So, you know you want a bow tie, you’ve even found a high quality, handmade one that you love; but where on earth can you wear it? If you’ve never worn one before it can sometimes be a bit of a mystery. You don’t want to wear it to the wrong event and end up looking like a lost school professor. And you don’t want to wear the wrong tie to the right event and look out of place.


Finding the perfect tie for the perfect occasion is easy if you just know how. So here is a rundown of the top 5 places to wear handmade men’s bow ties.


1. At Work

Wearing a bow tie at work will really depend on your job. If you can get away with wearing a bow tie then it is an excellent way of standing out amongst a sea of dark suits and ties. Again, the colour and style that you can get away with will depend on where you are. A simpler, toned-down tie will be perfect for most office settings, making a statement without being overpowering.


Once you have established yourself as a bow tie wearer, you may be able to experiment with colour and pattern, but keep it professional and you’ll be on to a winner at work.


2. To a Wedding

When wearing a bow tie to a wedding it is important to know the dress code. And just in case you don’t know, we always think it is better to look over dressed than underdressed. Chances are, there will be a few of you wearing handmade bow ties, so don’t worry if you’ve never worn one – you won’t look out of place.


A fool proof way of wearing your new handmade bow tie is to choose one that matches an outfit you already have, bringing out the colours and designs in it. That way you will still look like yourself, just better!


3. On a Date

There’s nothing quite as dashing as a guy in a bow tie. So if you’re going on a date, it’s definitely worth donning your best outfit, finishing it off with your most stylish tie and heading out for a night on the town with your date.


But a night on the town isn’t the only place to wear your date-worthy bow tie. Whether it’s a romantic meal, a night at the theatre or even a moonlit walk – a bow tie is the perfect companion to any outfit.


4. To Church

If you are attending an event at a church, whether it is a christening, Christmas mass or a Sunday service, a bow tie will be formal enough without leaving you feel over dressed and stuffy. To avoid looking a bit OTT, wear your handmade bow tie with a more casual shirt and rather than wearing a suit jacket, choose a sweater or cardigan.


5. At a Party

Finally, your new bow tie can easily be worn to almost any party or evening event. Try to match your tie to the occasion and the formality. For a black tie event a black, standard bow tie will look perfect and for a more casual event go for something that suits your personality – whether that be a modern patterned bow tie, a rocking, studded one or a geek-chic black & white knitted wool bow tie.


Whichever handmade bow tie you choose, for whatever reason, wear it with pride and everyone around you will love your outfit and your inner confidence. You can’t lose!