How To Flirt Like a Gent: Have You Got What It Takes?


Nothing is sexier than a guy who is a gentleman

Some guys are natural flirts and flirting comes to them like a second nature. However there is a risk that a man will push his flirting too far and get undesirable results. Here are some specific rules of flirting to make sure that you stick withing gentlemanly guidelines. If you follow these rules of flirting for gentlemen, you will do all right when it comes to impressing the ladies. Make sure that you mix up the rules of flirting with a little creativity on your part and you will end up being a great flirt.


Be polite to her and others around her:

It is common sense that if you wish to impress a lady with your gentlemanly ways then being polite and courteous should be at the top of your list. However a lady will observe not only how you treat her, but people around you too. Do you treat the waiter in a restaurant with respect? Are you positive about your friends and family? All these things will make her see the good in you. Be sure not to take it too far and seem like a complete walkover though! No lady wants to date a fella who cannot stand up for himself or what he believes in. If the food is wrong in a restaurant then do not be afraid to make that complaint, just do it in a a logical and respectful manner. 


Be well groomed when you meet her:

Make sure that you are well groomed in every way when going on a date. You want to make sure your nails are trimmed and clean, hair and facial hair should also be in order too. Make sure your clothing is out to impress and is not dirty or creased in any way. 


Get rid of distractions:

Get rid of that phone on any date. All your attention should be on your lady. Smart phones can be extremely distracting and hard to put down at times, especially if you are used to it being in hand 24/7. Make the effort to have a complete phone ban on your time together.


Ensure her safety first of all:

A lady loves a gentleman for a number of reasons. Politeness, being groomed and attentive are listed above and are key reasons why they do. Another reason is that a gentleman will make a lady feel safe. A gentleman will always ensure that a lady gets home safely after taking her out. Although you may argue that these gender roles are outdated - the fact is that women are still more vulnerable and at risk of attack in general. It is not only this type of safety which is important to ensure.

Do not be too forthcoming: 

There is a fine line between being a fantastic flirt and acting a little too keen. Acting too keen can be off putting to ladies. If they think they already have you exactly where they want you then there is no challenge. The way a gentleman flirts will leave a girl wanting more. By using the tips above you will make this lady feel at the center of your world: then cool it down a little and she will start thinking about you more and more.