What Different Styles of Suspenders Say About You 

Men’s Suspenders were first invented in 1822 by Albert Thurston. Since then they have been flittering in and out of fashion over the last two centuries. However since the naught noughties it seems that men’s suspenders are truly back and are definitely here to stay. Fashion conscious celebrities have sported them in a wild array of different looks. From casual cool to mod life and office classics. There are many ways to wear men’s suspenders in a variety of different styles. Here is our guide on 5 different ways to wear men’s suspenders and what each style will say about you to the outside world.



Men's Braces Or Suspenders?

Here in the United Kingdom men put on braces to hold up their own trousers, suspenders are a belt used to hold up ladies’ tights. To our friends from the United States they are a means of avoiding men’s pants from slipping down. Therefore they can be called either braces or suspenders, the choice is yours. We have heard a few rumors of people stating that braces and suspenders are based on the type of clip they use (metal or button) however as far as we can see it is just a cultural difference in language. 



Wearing Men's Braces With Casual Outfits

  • If you were to only own one pair, then go for a brightly coloured stand out pair to match with neutral outfits.

  • Casual looks can be accessorized with pork pie hats, skinny ties, and even skinnier braces.



Wearing Men's Braces For a Formal Look

  • If you want to be remembered in interviews right now then embrace the brace.

  • Braces can look smart on work occasions and quirky in less formal occasions.

  • Pair with a bow tie or cravatte to really get the gentleman's look.

  • In the last James Bond movie Craig certainly stirred the room with his white braces outfit. If it’s good enough for Daniel Craig, then it’s good enough for you.


A Selection of our men's braces for every occasion

For a formal look try these stripy brown braces. They are fantastic to wear with a suit and super slick shoes. Give a glimpse of these under your suit jacket for an extremely slick gentleman's style. These traditional men's braces are a go-to in our wardrobe for formal occasions. 



These red dotty suspenders will really add a bit of pizazz to every casual outfit. We adore these brightly coloured men's braces teamed with a simple white t-shirt and jeans. Let your braces do the talking! Add a bowler hat and you are ready to rock the city.

Finally we have our men's denim suspenders. Get the 90's double denim trend by daring to wear these with jeans. We warn you though, this is not a simple look to pull off. If you manage to master this one then we tip our hat to you Monsieur!