Our Top 5 Picks Of Men’s Scarves This Autumn

Summer is fading and the weather is turning cooler. Many people are depressed at the thought but at Punk Monsieur we are embracing the colder weather. Well, it is a perfect excuse to pull out our extensive winter wardrobes out of storage, after all. The fall fashion is a fantastic excuse to layer up and wear multiple styles all at once without getting bogged down by large winter coats.  Autumn means that we can go accessory crazy and utilize gloves, ear muffs and scarves to add detail to our outfits.
Speaking of scarves, we have added a few to our collection pages at Punk Monsieur. We were keen to create a range of gentleman’s scarves that were wearable through every season and feel that we have achieved this by concentrating on quality scarf designs. We use the same materials as designers who charge ten times the price for their scarfs. In fact all of our scarfs are made from the highest quality cotton. You can tell it is made by us at just a glance.
At Punk Monsieur, our designs are influenced from our travel experiences from all over the world. Our Italian roots integrate the culture and beauty of Milan with the creativity of New York.


This men’s skull scarf with give a little edge to any outfit. The balance between the negative space and the print is perfect to add a subtle bit of interest to the scarf. Some skull designs can look overdone and tacky, this one is perfect for a gentleman who wants to stand out for all the right reasons.


Passionate red teamed with fresh white will brighten up any gear with oomph. Though you do not need to limit yourself as this joyful scarf can be complemented with a great number of colours in your wardrobe. You can either make it the focal point or tie it with a more daring piece. The choice is yours.

How to wear a men’s scarf

There are some simple ways to wear a scarf as demonstrated by the company Kinowear.
  • The Twice-Around technique - Place the scarf around your neck so that the two ends are at your back, cross the ends at the back of your neck and bring them around to the front. This is great for a casual outfit.
  • The Toss - This one is really simple, just hang the full length of the scarf around your neck with one side hanging down. Then take the long end and cross it over your neck, tossing it behind you and over the opposite shoulder.
  • The Classic Drape - Just drape the scarf around your neck and tuck it into your coat. Another way to use a scarf is to pop up your jacket collar and place it underneath like so:
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