Should You Wear A Gent's Bow Tie To An Interview?



At Punk Monsieur we know first-hand that clothing makes quite an impact on how people perceive you. That’s why deciding what to wear to a job interview can make or break you. The first impression on your interviewer can have a huge influence on his/her final decision.

We get lots of questions from our customers on whether we think it is appropriate to wear a men's bow tie to an interview. It is definitely a tough question because as much as we love the quirkiness of a bow tie, it is a statement piece that could say more about you than you think it does.

Two of our extended Punk Monsieur family, Alex and Dave have put together a FOR and AGAINST argument about whether a bow tie is appropriate interview wear. Be sure to let us know who you agree with and why in the comments!


Alex – AGAINST - “No, simple and plain is best.”

“In my opinion wearing a bow tie to an interview is risky business. Statement clothing should be avoided at interviews as it only takes the interviewer not to like it and you may ruin your prospects. Also there is a risk that wearing such a statement piece could overshadow you. At the end of the day you want your professional qualifications and experience to stick in the interviewers head, not the bow tie! Maybe I am a bit of a traditionalist but unless the company states explicitly, you should still dress formally (and perhaps quite plainly) to a job interview. You may get away with wearing one when applying for more creative positions.”


Dave – FOR – “Stand out from the crowd for the right reasons!”

“I totally disagree with Alex. A bow tie will make you stand out for all the right reasons and I think you can wear a bow tie to any type of interview. It really just depends on the way you wear it. You can make a bow tie look both casual and formal depending on what you wear it with. Got an interview with a bank? Complete the whole look with a sharp suit, braces and bow tie. Have an interview in a creative agency? Then mix colours and materials to show off your creative flare. Be brave and make a statement. Interviewers have seen a million boring suits so it is important to dress in a way that showcases your personality. After all, if you are fortunate enough to get the job then they will get to know the real you are some stage. I’ve picked out some images (see below) to support my case.”



Really impress at a formal interview by wearing an ensemble like this:  



Or use subtler colours and materials for a more casual and creative look:



Would you, or have you worn a bow tie to a job interview? We’d love to hear your comments so please leave them below.