You’ve been looking forward to this moment all the year and now, when your holiday is at hand, you start panicking: what on earth should I pack!? It’s high time you learned all the ins and outs of carefree packing – how to keep your style while hitting beaches in the boiling sun.
Go for essentials

Don’t copy your GF trying to squeeze the whole world into the suitcase. Having tons of baggage looks too metrosexual. To cover all types of weather and holiday pastime, an average man only needs a pair of jeans for a nightlife fun, a pair of cotton trousers, a pair of shorts and swimming trunks. As for the upper body, two lightweight wrinkle-freeshirts and a few t-shirts would be enough. Just make sure these pieces can be matched together in a number of combos. When it comes to shoes, a pair of flippies and sneakers is all you need.

Play with accessories

Once your daily gear is packed, pay heed to our next tip for your holiday in style – diversify your basic wardrobe with accessories! They are light to carry, easily packable and indispensable for any lad who doesn’t want to look like a slob or a hu-hum pencil pusher on his vacation. Leave your office tie at home swapping it with a colorful and swanky scarf to brighten up your fabulous tan; instead of an ordinary belt, bring along a pair of cheerful suspenders to play down your slacks; stash away the metal bracelet of your watch until you’re back to the city, the holiday moods votes for vibrant nato watchstraps.

Be ready to beat the heat

Unless you’re heading for a get-away in the Arctic Circle, don’t ignore the fact that you’ll most probably need sun protection stuff during your vacation. A good breathable panama hat always pays as it will leave your head fresh and prevent your hair from fading in the sun. Naturally, you can’t do without sunglasses, better still, two pairs to vary the style combos and secure yourself against loss or other unforeseen mishap. As for tanning and after-sun lotions and oils, you can easily find them on the spot thereby avoiding extra weight and unpleasant surprise if they come out and stain all the clothes.
Turn down the volume

When all the stuff is ready to be packed, glace it over for a last check: what else can you leave out? Is your grooming case crammed beyond all measure? You can safely remove a most part of it leaving only strictly personal items like a container for lenses, a cream, a toothbrush and your razor. All the toiletries will be provided by the hotel. Perfume bottles weigh a tone and are risky to transport. It is a good idea to ask for some samples in your perfume shop and the problem is solved. Get yourself travel format bottles of all the grooming products and you’ll see how much slimmer your necessaire will become.
And finally, get the maximum joy of this vacation, forget to-do lists and planning, check all hot places in advance where to show off your best look and go ahead.