Style tips to pull off your suspenders

Appearing during the French revolution, suspenders have never sunk into oblivion. They are still preferred by American office workers for being extremely practical; the British consider “the braces” a distinguishing feature of a classy look; Parisian dandies blend them with their nonchalant outfits. Though some guys find suspenders for men uncool or even old-fashioned, we bet it’s only because they haven’t rocked them yet. The first pair, given as a gift by a GF or bought to test out, will convert even die-hard belt-lovers into suspenders-fans.

Infinitely versatile, the suspenders have an awesome transformative effect on any attire. On top of that, they are utterly functional.
Men in suspenders look slimmer and taller. The straps highlight the verticality of the figure and visually elongate the body, which makes them helpful if you are not as high or thin as you’d like to be. Moreover, they are priceless if you have some belly: they keep your pants up and you don’t have to adjust your waistband like a schoolboy every time you stand up of the chair.

Ain’t these arguments compelling enough for you to get yourself a pair? Having said that, here are three “how to's” to help you carry off your best look:

How to choose the right suspenders style?


Suspenders differ in form and fasteners.

You can choose between Y- and X-back styles. The X-form suspenders criss-cross over your back, which in theory provides uniform support as the trousers are held up at both sides. Actually, Y-form suspenders hold your pants equally well; make sure you place the central strap right in the middle of the waistband.

In terms of fasteners, their choice mainly depends on the style and fabric of your suit.

Clip-on connectors have metal teeth or clips that pinch the waistband. Clip-on braces may look quite casual with office suits or punk-indie with jeans and worn-out t-shirts. Be careful, however, when you use them on fine suits as the grip can damage the fabric.

added by a tailor. Button up suspenders, especially if made of silk, are generally seen as formalwear, but one of the freshest trends suggests wearing leather or vintage suspenders with visible buttons outside your tweeds or chinos.

Convertible fastening combines both button-end and clip-end connectors, therefore you match them with all styles of trousers. Take a note that these straps can become a perfect gift if you are unsure of the style of outfit the person prefers.

How to get the right size?

It all depends on your figure. Skinny and super skinny suspenders look fine on slim guys, especially as a part of a very laid-back outfit or a club attire. Medium width is just fine with most men’s suits and with most types of physique. If you boast a particularly powerful body build - you can opt for thick straps.


How to wear suspenders?

To rock a casual style, you can wear suspenders without a blazer - simply button or clip them to your shirt; rolled-up sleeves and contrasting colors will make your gear even more easy-going. If you want to add a Wall Street flair to your outfit, mix up without venturing: stick to traditional middle-width or thick suspenders matching tan color straps with blue shirts and black ones with a white upper part.


Leather or striped suspenders plus a bow tie, suit trousers or chinos and a plain shirt is a no-fail combo for a neat preppy style.
Fashion suspenders with daring patterns and thin straps will give you a stylish and cool look of those who want to stand out of the pack. Pair them with ripped jeans or cuffed pants, sneakers and funky accessories.

Black tie events that call for a dress style for men are unthinkable without single-color silk, grosgrain or nylon suspenders. Of note: the etiquette prescribes to hide them under your jacket.