Essential guide to choosing a bow tie

Fashionable bow ties have their place of honour in the wardrobe of any modern gent. They can be paired with a countless number of outfits, ranging from casual wear to most dressy ensembles. Our detailed guide will arm you with all the knowledge you need to choose your cool bow ties out of the ocean of options.

Firstly, let’s look into the types of bow ties

Self-tie bow tie is basically a shaped strip of silk, cotton or any other material. If you have already perfected a skill of tying a bow tie yourself or want to learn how to do it - go freely for it. This version is highly versatile, and it’s up to you to choose the knot and to tie it comfortably round your neck.
Pre-tied bow tie has an already tied basic bow, and you only have to adjust it to the collar of your shirt with a help of a neckstrap. It’s extremely handy and fits any neck size as the strap is easily adjusted by moving a slider until the bow tie is comfortably fixed on the collar.
Ready-tied bow tie is pre-formed and adjustable. It combines the ease of use with a touch of chic thanks to a central knot, which gives an impression as if you have spent some time carefully tying a bow yourself.
Clip-on bow tie is the choice of those who would like to leave the collar free. It’s attached to the collar by a clip you fasten to the top button of the shirt. Naturally, it doesn’t work on collar-less shirts.


Next, we’ll decide on the design

Fashion bow ties come in an array of shades and designs including stripes, polka dots, plaid, geometric and floral patterns, and many others. These colorful bow ties can liven up any plain shirt and add freshness to a casual or a trendy outfit.
Plain bow ties have one basic color and are perfect for all occasions that call for dressy suits.
Novelty bow ties are themed ties that feature various interests from sport teams and music to food and animals, which makes them a good fun and a perfect conversation starter.
Alternative designs include miscellaneous styles that cannot be labelled as one of the above-mentioned categories.


Keep it proportional with the right size

The sizes of bow ties are defined by their height. Narrow bow ties have a strip of 2" (5cm), medium size is 2.3" (6cm) high, and large size comes up to 2.5" (6.5cm).
Now, let’s go on to choose the fabric:
Silk bow ties are timeless yet very modern essentials that suit any current trend. Fashion bow ties are generally silk ones as the patterns look fine on their glossy texture. Bear in mind that the best specimens are crafted in Italian silk.
Cotton bow ties come in a myriad of designs, especially themes and prints. In fact, cotton is the most used material for novelty bow ties.
Velvet bow ties tend to be single-colored pre-tied versions that add a very sophisticated finishing touch to your apparel.
Other materials include mixed fibres, wool and synthetic fabrics such as polyester and acrylic, which are cheaper than silk but look very sleek and attractive.


Finally, we need to check the fastenings

Neckstrap makes part of most types of pre-tied bow ties. The length of the band is easily adjustable by a slider, which can be visible of invisible (handy if the collar of the shirt doesn’t cover the strap).
Hook & clasp fastening helps to do up the bow tie by fitting the hook on the free end of the neckstrap into the clasp at the back of the bow tie.
Ladder fastening is similar to the hook and clasp adjustment, but instead of a clap, there is a ladder of small slits. You attach the hook onto the right slit that makes your bow tie fit best your neck size.
Clip-on is simply fastened to the top button of the shirt. 


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