Are there any rules to wearing a knitted silk tie?

A Knitted Silk Tie

Knitted tie is a season trend afoot that can easily take the place of your conventional silk tie even in formal working environment. If you want to add flair and spirit to your style, nod to the knitted.

These ties are bold, lively, maverick, sometimes even mischievous, but indisputably expressive - there’s more hit in a surprise. Practically speaking, they are incredibly handy in travel as the knitted fabric is wrinkle-free. Now when we sparkled your interest, let’s talk how to pull it off.

To play up such a tie, go for simplicity, elaborated knots don’t agree with the knitted texture. The familiar to everybody four-in-hand knot is just enough to give a cheery and distinctive patina to your everyday wear. For a more youthful look, we’d suggest a square tip rather than a pointed one.


Knitted ties are really versatile, elegant – in navy or black colors, even in polka dots can be perfectly paired with smart suits on formal occasions. Trendy worn with a jeans-and-blazer pair, refresh this casual combo. Catching – in patterned version, go with plain shirts and tweedy jackets.

What’s more, this modern accessory can also become a perfect talking point.  

Check out our proposal and remember that style is in the details !!