Trendy tech blogs claim that portable software will soon make the wrist watches be shoved to the back of the drawer. Nothing could be farther from the truth. An intrinsic part of men’s attire, the timepieces evolve, become more democratic and more versatile, but they will never sink into oblivion. Wrist watches cater for two important men’s needs: competitiveness and practicality. Firstly, it is cool to wear a watch: a fashionable one sets you out, it draws attention to your hand, and adds a final touch to the look. Secondly, it is functional to have a timepiece on the wrist: in the professional world, constant messing around with a smartphone could be considered childish and improper.

Although still maintaining their primary function, that is keeping time, watches have now transitioned to fashionable accessories. And as any trendy complement, modern wrist wear is designed for daily use, it’s pragmatic and ironic, it’s easy to combine, and it won’t break the bank. Since there is a world of choices out there, here is a brief guide as to how to make a smart purchase.

1 “Remember that time is money”

This Benjamin Franklin’s tip in Advice to a Young Tradesman” is anything but passé. In these hectic times, being late can cost you a desired job place you have applied for, a deal that has been snatched from under your nose by a more punctual competitor and, overall, your reputation. It’s vital to keep track of time, and a wrist watch is the most reliable device. Admittedly, nowadays your laptop, your tablet, even your microwave shows the time, but only the discreet accessory on your wrist will allow you to give a glance at the display quickly and without being noticed.

As the watches are high precision tools, accuracy is the keyword. The quartz watches can be trusted to show the exact time and ensure the maximum reliability - they don’t need charging like smartwatches or winding like their mechanical counterparts. Moreover, these are few modern devices that have no software, which means no glitches or bugs. A chronograph is the best option for those who know the value of every minute. When choosing a good timepiece, it is equally important to pay attention to the readability of the face: it should be quite big, preferably, in contrast colors with well-discernible hands.


2 Good value for money

In the age of dynamic “get-up-and-go” guys, a status watch has been losing its chic. For our dads’ generation, a Patek was seen as a “trophy”, crowning their 40-year careers, often in the same company. Nowadays, more and more young people would consider a choice of such a watch a bit ostentatious. As a matter of fact, many whizz-kids making millions in high-tech empires of Silicon Valley wear humble watches or funky mid-priced pieces.

Smart gents impress with their good taste, wit and personality rather than with a five-figure sum on their wrist. What's more, a luxurious watch often looks incongruous unless you are wearing an equally imposing outfit. Still worse, there’s nothing more abhorrent than showing off a fake Rolex. If your budget doesn’t stretch to buying a costly watch, don’t ruin your image with replicas but turn to fashionable and affordable options.

Middle end watch market is more open to new trends and materials and at the same time remains true to the aesthetic and quality standards of watchmaking. For those who prefer the refinement of classic design, there are plenty of horological solutions that are classy and tasteful and don’t necessarily come with a jaw-dropping tag.

3 Elegance lies in simplicity

In the ideal world of fashion magazines, people are expected to own a watch for every life situation, in reality, an average man can count from two to five pieces in his possession. That’s why versatility and universality come to the foreground. What we need today is the basic. The most fail-safe choice is minimalistic design, simplicity itself. Neat look is perfect for both casual and professional wear. In this case, preference should be given to the primary, easily matchable colors: an ivory, white or black face will pair with every outfit.

One of the most in-trends nowadays is sharing accessories with your GF. In fact, many modern watches are unisex thanks to the use of a quite narrow strap, a middle-size face and light colors of the case such as silver or rose gold.

They look fashionable and youthful on both a gent’s or a lady’s wrist, however, men should steer clear of glittering elements and jewels. The powerful tantalizing effect of unisex style lies in clean and essential design.

Buying several straps, you can play up your wrist piece (with genuine leather of elegant hues and patterns) or dress it down (with napo straps of fresh color combinations and funky patterns). To sum up, mid-price range offers a variety of durable and stylish watches, worthy of attention of design-conscious gentlemen.

What is a dapper style?

What a relief that the times of laid-back sporty-cut or subculture’s outfits are over, since nothing compares to a neat dapper charm of suited men! Immaculate look, which has been an infallible secret weapon of classy men like Colin Firth, now has filtered into the city streets and cocktail lounges. Today, dapper is the most in-trend style of all those who know that appearance does matter. A well-dressed guy exudes trust, respect and success, not to mention that a perfectly fitting suit works as a real head-turner for most women.

Of course, being dapper is not all about wearing a waistcoat and oxford shoes; it is a vision of your style that encompasses not only well-matched clothes but also a refined taste and polished manners of a truly confident man.

However, coming to grips with the art of being a gentleman starts in the wardrobe.

Pulling off a dapper ensemble

Certainly, it always pays off to invest in a good suit. However, even a mid-priced garment can give a sartorial-looking impression as long as the details are taken care of.

In fact, the following guidelines count not only for suits but, overall, also for choice of upper and lower body. The modern vintage enthusiast will pair cropped pants or rolled-up jeans with dressy patterned blazers of the most “in” fabric designs today such as twill, checked, herringbone, striped and pinstriped.

A classy touch to enrich the outfit is to add a never-failing waistcoat, so worshipped by all modern dandies, and a trim lapel accessory.

The cut is of paramount importance: dapper clothes should fit perfectly, contouring to the figure without clinging too much to the body. No loose jackets and pants - this youthful and modern style suggests slight tapering along the full length of the outfit aiming to elongate and slenderise the physique. An urban dapper wears narrowed- or regular-cut pants, which only look manly when they are snug but not overly-slim! The rule dictates less width for the lapels as well as the sleeves.

Another detail that has changed over the recent years is length of the pants: we now show most of the shoe and a bit of the sock, no sock+loafers variant goes a long way, too.

In dapper outfits, the pocket are worth special attention: ticket pockets, flap pockets and a posh breast pocket greatly smarten the overall effect of the ensemble. A real in-trend gent should welcome a pocket square in his everyday life attire, learning various folds from classic square or one-tip up to relaxed puff fold or a sophisticated and accented flower color.

Upgrading with accessories

Any man with a real fashion sense knows how crucial neckwear and headwear are in shaping his neat and spruce style.

A gentleman will never dismiss a necktie and will always make sure it doesn’t clash with the rest of the outfit. Again, the mathematics of style is simple: subtraction prevails over addition, which means that narrower lapels require narrower ties. To keep it proportional, a 3 or 4 cm tie (4-5 cm for knitted ties) is just what the fashion dictates in this case. As for patterns, classic dots, herringbone, tartan or pinstriped designs – they predominate over playful graphics, whereas there are no rules for color schemes as long as it all looks smart.

The bow tie has always been an essential dapper concept. Thanks to its elegant shape, it completes trim ensembles and day-to-day work outfits. In other words, it is a natural companion of crisp collar shirts and waistcoats as well as a perfect match for casual cotton or tweed blazers. A fail-safe choice, in a nutshell.

It is important to bear in mind, however, that this style suggests finesse and polish, thus the patterned bow tie can only be matched with basic and plain color pieces. In any rate, a fancy design combo of bow tie + pocket square looks spectacularly dapper!

In chilly weather, coats and jackets are unconceivable without matching hats. Fedoras add a lot of masculinity and sophistication to the look making it more cohesive, so thumbs up! The best way to pull off a fedora is to play on contrast. If you chose it with modern features, such as studs or ribbons of fanciful colors, it can play down a dressy attire; on the other hand, if you go for a hat made in the range of traditional materials and hues, it can handsomely enhance a casual outfit. One of the best combos that makes a big hit is fedora + blazer + scarf look.

“Supporting” details

Men's Suspenders is another iconic fashion treat which brings along this gents’ style. When moneyed men in movies take off their suit jackets, there is always a pair of braces attached to their pants. The stylists use them to create an expensive and powerful image.

Classic black and brown braces paired with tweed or plaid pieces are sure to impress. They add a big classy vintage and personal identity to a dressy outfit.

The best thing about this stylish accessory is that it can elevate and refine even a less polished look. Plain, bi-and three-colored or patterned, braces are always sought after by really dapper men who team them up with denim, checked or colored pants. The ability to blend a slick style with a street twist is the hallmark of all well-dressed men.

Dressing your feet

A Mr. Dapper’s take on fashion nods to Brogues, Oxford and loafers. A striking dandy-ish combo to tick off is tan leather brogue boots teamed up with blue wash denims. For risk takers lace-up shoes with colored laces are definitely to be tried out.

One more insight into the current fashion: funky socks will rock the cool British aesthetics. A cheerful collection of socks in rainbow colors and with mischievous patterns will help you to make your mark.

You can visit our online store to find awesome & trendy Dapper accessories , we'll wait you inside ! 

A true gent may respect everyone around him, he may have his own unique style, such as wearing braces, and is able to find clothes that look elegant with these men’s braces. Needless to say, everyone could do with a few pointers in the modern world.


Be Presentable

This isn’t to say that you have to conform and wear the same as everyone else, but if you wear braces and want to look elegant with these men’s braces, then ensure the rest of your outfit compliments the braces. As well as finding clothes that look elegant with these men’s braces, you need to ensure your hygiene is up to scratch. This includes you smell fresh and ensuring you are properly groomed.


 Be a True Gentleman: A Gentleman with a Pipe

Wear Clothes That Flatter

As well as finding clothes that look elegant, you need to ensure that they fit the frame of your body well. Well fitting clothes can instantly change someone’s perception of you.


Remember Your Manners

Equality is being promoted more than ever between sexes, but that doesn’t mean your chivalry shouldn’t be present. Ensure the clothes you’re wearing  look elegant and not spoiled by your lack of inner confidence and poor chivalry


Be Punctual

Although most can appreciate how long it can take to find shoes, braces and clothes that look elegant there is no excuse for being late. Of course, sometimes being late is unavoidable, but be sure to let the person know that you are held up.


Compliment People

When you’re taking the time to ensure that you have the right kind of braces and shoes that look elegant, you will no doubt be expecting a compliment, ensure that you are able to return the compliment. Be observant, be honest, be sincere.


Act Grown-Up

As previously mentioned, don’t follow the flock when it comes to your behaviour. Be bold and choose a strong colour that represents how you feel, then take no notice of people who mock you or the outfit you wear. You may be different, but this means you're also unique.


Watch Your Language

While it may be deemed manly to sear left, right and centre, it doesn’t really sit well with many people. When mixing with people, keep your language clean, it makes all the difference to how people perceive you.


Be a Good Decision Maker

Whether you are making that all important career decision, or picking the right kind of braces to wear to finish off that look people love men who can make a direct decision, don’t believe us? Read why a confident man achieves things and you can too. It shows a strong minded and both men and women tend to appreciatet his asset.


Return Favours

When someone does you a good turn, return the favour is when this person needs it. It makes you seem like a gentleman as well as making you feel good morally.


Clean Up After Yourself

Keeping a tidy office or a wardrobe in order speaks volumes about the person, in that they are organised, plus the habit will reward you in years to come. Not only will you be able to find that funky pair of pois braces you want to slip on for that next dinner date but you will be deemed as the perfect man to your future partner.

If you’ve not had the pleasure of acquiring a cashmere tie as yet, then you really should view these cashmere ties. They give a modern tilt to the a classic design that is suitable for both the office and socialising.  When you view these cashmere ties, you will be entering a whole new world of men's attire.



What's the occasion?

A Man Wearing a Cashmere Tie With Suit

When you first view these ties, you may be left bewildered as to how they can be worn for other occasions rather than just the office. On the other hand, when others first view these woollen ties, they notice how well they fit into the winter season. There is a plethora of suits that are destined for more than the office, especially around the colder season. Those who are a fan of tartan jackets and wool suits will find that when they view these cashmere ties, they are able to construct an outfit that isn’t constricted to the office.



Think outside the box

Likewise, the colours and textures some see when they view these cashmere ties will find they can push the boundaries further thanks to the subdued colours available, as well as the rougher textures. So what does this mean? Well, with an open mind you can create a unique look with denim and a casual blazer. When you first view these cashmere ties, you may assume that such an outfit cannot be pulled off, but with the right mix of colours and textures, you can create an outfit that is ideal for any night out or social occasion.



Smart but casual

Those who view these cashmere ties may want something a little smarter than the casual jeans and blazer, but not as formal as the business suit. When people see the vast selection available, they realise they are able to create a contrast between the two. People who have had the opportunity are able to create a suit that is casual enough for social events, but smart enough to still make an impression.



Be flexible with your cashmere tie

A brown jacket can be added to slim fit jeans with a crisp white shirt that has a button-down collar. The outfit is complete with a cashmere grey tie. Those who view these cashmere ties may want to opt for a different colour other than grey, this isn’t a problem, as those who have the chance to view these cashmere ties will know, there are plenty of choices available to change the outfit to fit your fashion sense.


This can often be overlooked as boring, business-type clothing, but as those who have the chance to view these cashmere ties can testify, that’s not the case. Whether you’re aiming for a more vintage look, or simply looking to enhance your current outfit, then we recommend that you view these cashmere ties at your earliest convenience so you can spruce up your wardrobe accordingly. 

There is much debate when deciding on what makes a modern gentleman, is it the way he wears his hair, is it the style of men’s braces he wears or is it his table etiquette? Well, that debate could go on for some time. What we are sure of however, is that by having the right kind of gentleman apps installed on your smartphone, you’re ready to face the modern world every day, and these apps will work in partnership with your men’s braces, cologne and haircut to make you a modern gentleman.


The Sunrise Calendar

When you wake in the morning, snap on your men’s braces, brush your teeth and get ready to face the day, looking at your standard calendar could bring your mood down somewhat. It’s safe to say that a calendar serves a purpose, but there’s nothing wrong with them looking a bit more attractive to the eye. Luckily, the Sunrise Calendar can cater to such a request. This handsome app not only looks vibrant and bright, but it also syncs together events from apps such as Google Calender and Facebook.

 Gentlemen Phone Apps Are Not What They Used To Be


It’s easy to forget how much information we can easily forget throughout the day. You may have seen a new pair of men’s braces as you walk past a shop window or you may have seen an interesting webpage, but now you have time to read it, it can’t be found. Evernote is an app that can help you collate webpages, photos and notes into one convenient place. Ideal for the modern gentlemen who wants to take notes while out and about and to help him remember where he saw those stunning ggentleman accessories he wanted.



Whether they admit it or not, men like to show their dominance when it comes to barbecues. Off comes the business suit and those blood red men’s braces go on show, along with a witty apron of course. But to be able to impress the guests, men need to know how long different types of meat need to cook for. Luckily GrillTime helps the modern gentlemen not only find the correct time for cooking meat, but also the right temperature.


Cool Guy

Whether you’re looking for the latest ties, men’s braces or the latest accessories, the Cool Guy app allows gentlemen to create outfits as well as new looks that can be made from your existing suits, shoes and men’s braces. There is also a news section that fetches information from a number of different sources. This app will allow the modern gentleman stay abreast of all the latest trends from men’s braces, cashmere ties and handmade bow ties through a plethora of trendy accessories.



Of course, the modern gentleman can’t be browsing for all his favourite gentleman accessories, cooking meat or taking notes all the time, there comes a time when he needs to find his own space and unwind. And the ideal app for such a pastime is Oyster. Think of it as the Netflix of books, it may not have the latest and greatest titles, but it does have some interesting reads thanks to its unlimited supply of classics.


Evidently, there are many more apps out there that can help men find gents accessories, barbecue ideas and fashion news, but these stand out from the crowd as the gentleman apps to have installed on your smartphone. These apps make the perfect accompaniment to your men’s braces, shoes and suits to ensure you’re prepared for the busy day ahead.

When it comes to clothing, it can be easily argued that not many garments allow an individual to show off their personality and style. However, cashmere ties are able to tick that box thanks to the vast selection of styles, colours and patterns available. While the traditional style of the tie is still popular today, recent years have seen the popularity of the cashmere tie rise, introducing new styles and materials. While a tie was originally worn as formal attire, nowadays cashmere ties can be worn both formally and casually and make great gifts, here are some cashmere tie gift ideas.

 Tartan Cashmere Tie Gift Idea


The Cashmere Tartan Tie is the first tie to get noticed when it comes to what tie should make it as a stocking filler for the lover of cashmere ties this year. The tie has a modern style that echoes a hint of retro. The tie looks fabulous when worn with your other winter garments. The Cashmere Tartan Tie is brown and is made with a combination of cashmere and wool.

 Herringbone Tie


The herringbone tie design has been a popular design template for many years, so it’s no surprise that the classic design should find itself presented on ties. Not just any ties, but premium cashmere ties. The cashmere tie’s design means it can be worn at work, or out with friends to make a statement. The grey colour brings a hint of yesteryear while still remaining a force to be reckoned with in today’s tie trend.



Brown is in Town

Brown is often an overlooked colour when it comes to clothing, including cashmere ties. Many may deem the colour as boring or unattractive, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. One of our favourite cashmere ties this year makes use of the brown colour scheme by presenting itself in two shades. The Brown Cashmere Tie has a dark brown background that is home to light brown detailing, giving it an antique look for cashmere ties with a modern twist.


Rock Star Grey

Of course, there are those among us who want to make an even bigger impression, and nothing makes that impression more than a Dark Grey Cashmere Tie. This versatile tie is dark grey in colour, but features an explosion of white, giving it a rock-like appearance. Those who wear cashmere ties formally will be proud to have this tie in their stocking this Christmas.


Subtle Pin Stripe

Those looking to keep to a formal theme while still making a subtle statement could be interested in the Navy & White Pin Stripe Wool & Cashmere Tie. As the name suggests, this luxurious style of cashmere tie is made using wool and cashmere. A classic blue navy background perfectly compliments the white stripes that lay on top of it. The tie oozes sophistication while being a luxury product with a trendy look.


Any of the cashmere tie gift ideas mentioned would be given a warm welcome if it entered any tie-loving individual’s stocking on Christmas morning. All can be worn with different outfits while still being able to make its statement, whether the cashmere ties are worn in the workplace, or out on the town.

They have graced movie screens and magazines for years. You may read stories about them, watch them in films and idolise them as fashion icons. So who are our 10 most famous gentlemen of all time, and what has led them to stay in our heads and our hearts for all these years?



1 David Beckham


When it comes to fashion, very few do it better than David Beckham. Although he is known as a world class footballer, he will be remembered as a style icon. Wowing his fans with sharp suits, cashmere ties and a flawless hair style, this gentleman certainly deserves the top spot!



2 Elvis Presley


One of the original trend setters, Elvis loved his fashion and how he was able to portray his mood and his character through his clothes. I’m sure we will never forget this infamous musician for his ability to entertain with is music and his style.



3 Idris Elba


His CV says actor, DJ, director and cover model and his clothes say cool and collected. Idris wears a suit like a second skin and his vibrant personality makes him shine. We couldn’t think of any one better to take the third gentleman spot on our list.



4 Justin Timberlake


Shooting to fame in the 90’s (but certainly not for his fashion sense) Justin Timberlake has grown in to one of the most stylish and smooth fashion icons of the 21st century. His tailored looks create a stunning overall effect, perfect for any occasion.



5 Bradley Cooper


A modern day icon, Bradley Cooper has a bright and sharp personality and the style to match. Looking equally as stylish in a jumper and jeans as a formal suit means that Mr Cooper easily makes it on to our cavalier list.



6 Cary Grant


A name that is synonymous with the ‘well-dressed’ man, Cary Grant would still turn heads today. Style had no time limit, and this guy is proof! Cary Grant believed that simplicity was the essence of good taste, and he portrayed that good taste throughout his life.



7 James Bond


OK, we know that James Bond is a fictional character, but every actor that has played him has certainly risen to fame. His smooth personality is perfectly matched to his smooth wardrobe and we feel that this makes him, and the characters who played him, style icons.



8 George Clooney


Here is a gentlemen who seems to improve with age. We’re sure that a combination of good genes and healthy living has a lot to do with it, but his refined and tailored style also helps. No one pulls-off a smart suit quite like George.



9 Prince William


The royal style is captured impeccably by Price William. Whether he is sporting his casual class or a more formal look he always appears crisp, clean and just what we expect of a modern day prince.



10 Morgan Freeman


Last, but by no means least we have Morgan ‘The Voice’ Freeman. Very rarely seen without his tie, Morgan Freeman really has figured out where he fits in fashion and wears his clothes as an extension of himself, highlighting his mood, personality and event. Making him an excellent addition to our gentleman list.


So there you have it, the 10 most famous gentlemen of all time, who would you add to this list?

You can be pretty certain that if you want to walk into a room and make an impact, a men’s knit tie is going to be your ‘go-to’ accessory. Not only does a tie add a new level of style, sophistication, funk or whatever image you want to portray- it also finishes off an outfit impeccably.


You need to ask yourself - would you would rather be the one they remember or just another face in the crowd?


Choosing to wear a tie is the easy part; finding a style, design and fabric that suits the occasion is the hard part! But hey, that’s what we are here for!

So first things first…


Finding a Tie to Suit Your Event

You may already have an idea of the exact type of woven tie that you would like, or you may be at the other end of the scale and not even know what is out there. So let’s start with the occasion. Is it a formal wedding, a laid back celebration or a first date? The occasion is central to the style of tie you will need. Yes, you want to stand out – but make sure you stand out for the right reasons.


What to Wear, When

The Knitted TieA more casual and traditional style of tie, quickly making its way to the forefront of fashion and suitable for many informal and relaxed occasions. A knitted tie would be perfect for a date night, theatre trip or informal work event, creating a relaxed yet well put together outfit. When considering how to wear a knitted tie, look no further than the style of Justin Timberlake or Pharrell Williams for inspiration.


The Bold TieA bold tie is best worn with a suit. The tie needs to make most of the impact so the perfect occasion will be at work, a more formal date or the Christmas party. When you choose the design and the colour, think about what you want to say with your outfit and what will be appropriate. Paring a navy, black or grey suit with a single coloured tie will create a more formal effect than a patterned tie. Have a look at Rio Ferdinand’s formal style - his use of simple yet bold ties creates stunning outfit.


The Simple TieWearing a simple tie will not create a simple outfit if done right. Remember – simple does not mean boring! Choosing a high quality tie in a dark colour, such as this dark grey cashmere tie will finish off a formal suit perfectly and create a modern, stylish and smart outfit, perfect for a formal dinner or event. Starts such as Bradley Cooper and Tom Cruise do this effortlessly.


Finding Your Tie

The most important thing to remember when choosing where to buy your tie is the quality. Buy a high quality tie and you will certainly get the most for your money. Reputable online shops and specialist sellers such as Punk Monsieur will offer you a fantastic range of ties, which will leave you spoilt for choice and certain to find what you are looking for!


So if you have a special occasion coming up, or an event that is leaving you struggling to find the perfect outfit just remember to accessorise with a stylish gent’s tie and you will be the talk of the town.

So, you know you want a bow tie, you’ve even found a high quality, handmade one that you love; but where on earth can you wear it? If you’ve never worn one before it can sometimes be a bit of a mystery. You don’t want to wear it to the wrong event and end up looking like a lost school professor. And you don’t want to wear the wrong tie to the right event and look out of place.


Finding the perfect tie for the perfect occasion is easy if you just know how. So here is a rundown of the top 5 places to wear handmade men’s bow ties.


1. At Work

Wearing a bow tie at work will really depend on your job. If you can get away with wearing a bow tie then it is an excellent way of standing out amongst a sea of dark suits and ties. Again, the colour and style that you can get away with will depend on where you are. A simpler, toned-down tie will be perfect for most office settings, making a statement without being overpowering.


Once you have established yourself as a bow tie wearer, you may be able to experiment with colour and pattern, but keep it professional and you’ll be on to a winner at work.


2. To a Wedding

When wearing a bow tie to a wedding it is important to know the dress code. And just in case you don’t know, we always think it is better to look over dressed than underdressed. Chances are, there will be a few of you wearing handmade bow ties, so don’t worry if you’ve never worn one – you won’t look out of place.


A fool proof way of wearing your new handmade bow tie is to choose one that matches an outfit you already have, bringing out the colours and designs in it. That way you will still look like yourself, just better!


3. On a Date

There’s nothing quite as dashing as a guy in a bow tie. So if you’re going on a date, it’s definitely worth donning your best outfit, finishing it off with your most stylish tie and heading out for a night on the town with your date.


But a night on the town isn’t the only place to wear your date-worthy bow tie. Whether it’s a romantic meal, a night at the theatre or even a moonlit walk – a bow tie is the perfect companion to any outfit.


4. To Church

If you are attending an event at a church, whether it is a christening, Christmas mass or a Sunday service, a bow tie will be formal enough without leaving you feel over dressed and stuffy. To avoid looking a bit OTT, wear your handmade bow tie with a more casual shirt and rather than wearing a suit jacket, choose a sweater or cardigan.


5. At a Party

Finally, your new bow tie can easily be worn to almost any party or evening event. Try to match your tie to the occasion and the formality. For a black tie event a black, standard bow tie will look perfect and for a more casual event go for something that suits your personality – whether that be a modern patterned bow tie, a rocking, studded one or a geek-chic black & white knitted wool bow tie.


Whichever handmade bow tie you choose, for whatever reason, wear it with pride and everyone around you will love your outfit and your inner confidence. You can’t lose!

We’ve all been there - trawling the internet for hours on end, trying to find fun and inventive gifts for our men that really say ‘I love you’. But enough is enough, it’s time to make a decision!

The solution? Get him a gift that says ‘you’re cool, you’re stylish, you’re hot!’ Get him a pair of mens braces and make it the best Christmas ever.


And before you say it – yes, we know that there are hundreds of styles, colours, sizes and designs out there; so to make it easier, here is a quick rundown of the 3 main styles of men’s braces that are available and why they make an excellent gift.


Understated & Sophisticated

First, we have the Roger Moore of braces. If your man is looking for something to give him a sophisticated edge then a pair of simple, high quality braces will make the perfect gift. They don’t need to be boring though. A modest stripe or a hint of colour such as brown, grey or navy will really turn his outfit in to something special.


For a modern look with a traditional twist, a pair of military green braces or vintage brown will look superb. If he prefers the crisp and clean look then a navy stripe or high-quality black pair would be perfect.


Stylish & Modern

If you are looking for something a little less formal for your man, then there are plenty of styles that are slightly more casual, yet lose none of the quality and excellence of the more formal pairs. Adding an accent colour, such as power red, will change a pair of braces from formal wear to work wear, or even date wear. This hint of colour or pattern can create an eye catching look and your man will want to wear them again and again.


Try not to be too reserved in your choice of modern braces – think fun sophistication and you won’t go wrong.



Festive & Fun

Now if you are looking for something a lot more fun – and remember these are a Christmas present, so there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun – then go for colour, pattern and texture. If your man is a bit goofy and likes being the centre of attention then a pair of attention grabbing braces will certainly do the trick!

Think bright, think bold and think quality. Remember, fun and festive doesn’t need to mean tacky and cheap. If his braces are well made, they will look fantastic. Some current styles include polka dots, denim suspenders and bold patterns; so just find something to suit his personality.


There is so much on offer that you are sure to find something perfect for your man, so stop your endless hours of shopping and start choosing a style for your man’s braces!

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